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Creator and provider of lighthearted yet serious approaches to training, coaching and workshops for individuals, teams and businesses. Places where authenticity and pragmatism meet and merge to bring about meaningful change.

At alternativiti we empower others. We act as a guide by coaching, training, facilitating and enabling.

Through our individual coaching assignments, people discover their true self and their potential. By understanding themselves they can be more understanding of others.

Through our team training and workshops, individual and collective intelligence combine to achieve collective brilliance. The power of the crowd is a remarkable way to channel ideas and outcomes.

Our clients include companies, associations and non-profit organizations across a range of sectors, industries and geographies. Whatever the assignment, it is always specifically designed and implemented.



alternativiti’s founder, Martine de Weirdt, is a creative pragmatist who unleashes purposeful creativity. Pragmatic because she gets to know each client to understand their business and their needs at the start of every assignment. Creative because of the learning and coaching experiences she provides. Purposeful because of impact on the people, teams and businesses she works with.

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