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alternativiti’s work is inspired and underpinned by The Process Communication Model® (PCM). Its founder, Martine de Weirdt is PCM certified.  PCM is an innovative tool that enables successful everyday understanding, motivation and effective communication with others.

PCM is a powerful methodology that uncovers and explores personality patterns that exist in individuals. There are no rights or wrongs. This is not about types of people; it is about types in people. If the psychological needs of the person you are communicating with are not met, you will not be heard. With alternativiti, we create ‘hearing and understanding’.

PCM provides a reliable and validated method of identifying and understanding personality structures, the impact of life events and communication dynamics. NASA has been using PCM to select, place and train astronauts since 1978. And millions of people around the world have since experienced what PCM can do for them in recruitment, sales, business, education and personal relationships.

PCM makes it easy to:

  • Simply observe and understand your own behaviour – discover your strengths and your needs
  • Understand the behaviour of others and know how to communicate and interact with them effectively
  • Analyze conflict and miscommunication and know how to find a resolution and a return to effective communication.
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